In 2013 the program continued to focus on the Girls Education Award, enabling young women facing barriers to complete their three years at secondary school. With the support from several individual donors, Alola continues to maintain its support to students from primary school through to university.  Alola will continue this support so that students can graduate. The main objective of the Scholarship Program is to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to complete their secondary education.

Since the beginning of 2013, with the support from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (former AusAID), the scholarship project continued its work through Alola Field Officers, Community Leaders and School Directors to support  awardees at secondary and tertiary level.

Meetings were held with 39 final year secondary students for updates on their progress.  28 students applied and continued through to universities (25 students progressing at universities in Dili and 3 in Ermera, Viqueque and Oecusse). 11 students did not continue to university (attending other courses, job seeing or married).

The Scholarship Team travelled to six districts (Baucau, Ermera, Manatuto, Liquisa, Oecusse and Dili) to monitor the progress of 65 secondary grade 2 and 3 scholarship recipients.   Interviews were also conducted with school directors, teachers and parents, who provide much needed support for the students. Motivating students to manage their own money in order to meet the needs of their study and be able to complete their high school and continue to university was a key focus of the meetings.