Education Program

The Education Program at Alola delivers teacher training, works directly with children for early years literacy and creates literacy materials.    The program is headed by Program Manager Ema de Sousa Freitas and currently has 16 staff in the department.


The Education Program has a direct partnership with DAFT which commenced in December 2011 and will continue for three years. See overview! This partnership will provide funding to all aspects of the Alola education program.  This partnership includes following programs:


The Mobile Library

The Alola Education team uses two Mobile Libraries to deliver early years literacy programs around Dili and the district. There are now two vans  in constant use in the schools.  They are stocked with colorful books in Tetun and Portuguese for children to read themselves, or for read-to sessions where teachers from the Alola team conduct fun active sessions:


The Education Resource Centre

The Education Resource Centre was established as a model classroom for early years' classes for children from schools in Dili.  The ERC provides a friendly space for teaching and learning where teachers, students, parents and children of all ages are welcomed. The program of classes is based on the Timor-Leste National Curriculm, and aims to model best practice integrated and active teaching and learning, as well as promote the use of local materials as teaching tools. The centre further aims to support teachers, students, school communities, and parents so they can increase their knowledge and understanding of ways to assist their children's educational progress before and during formal schooling.

Teacher Training

Funded by the Asia Foundation,  Alola works to upskill primary school teachers, to assist them in teaching basic literacy skills.


AusAID representative with Alola scholarship receipients


Alola scholarships are funded by AusAID and go to support girls going into senior high school.  Scholarships are available in every district in Timor-Leste: