Public discussion organize by Women Resouce Center



In 2017 Alola's Advocacy Program continued to promote women's human rights through campaigning, strengthening women's leadership, strengthening the collaborating with all partners and empowering women in all municipal areas to access information and understand their rights.The Women's Resource Centre continued to defend human rights, specifically to give young people opportunities to develop their skills to protect against gender based violence and discrimination. In 2017 the Women's Resource Centre provided opportunities to 1,862 participants (1,288 female and 574 male).

Another success was raising awareness on the human trafficking, Law Against Domestic Violence and gender based violence targeted to the for the target beneficiaries of other Alola programs includes Education, Maternal and Child Health, and Economic Empowerment and suku council and its member. The integration approach initiative to introduce the gender based violence targeted to Alola beneficiaries has been considered as a guideline of the organization specially advocacy program to perform it mission in prevent gender based violence and strengthening women leaders and young women in decision making.

The significant changes achieved during the year to the women and men, children, young people, students, teachers, people with disabilities, and survivors of gender based violence increased their ability and knowledge to prevent and protect against gender based violence. In addition, some of the young people developed the confidence to establish groups called youth movements in two districts (Manatuto and Liquica). At the same time, they became facilitators of the gender based violence and public speaking training at refers village and

Another achievements from this sub program included collaboration with partners that led Train the Trainer for 25 people about Sexual and Reproductive Health. As a result of the training, there were 25 new facilitators of t he refer topic and they had facilitate the training conducted at municipal level. Apart from that, the Alola's Advocacy Program has been supported and assisting survivors of gender based violence at municipal and national level with a total of 119 survivors. There were various types of gender based violence that experienced by the survivors includes sexual violence, economic violence, human trafficking, and/or abandonment. They were supported to use the referral system to access to humanitarian services.

The project objective to strengthen young women's through provide volunteer space has been accommodated five young women. As a result, the young women had been increased their understanding and ability in gender based violence and advocacy service within the organization. Another result of their participation was two of them are employed from five attended internship program.