women's resource centre

The Women’s Resource Center was established in 2003 in order to:Students using computers

·    Distribute information on gender-based violence, maternal and child health, economic development, and gender and development,
·    Provide computer literacy courses and Life Skill trainings,
·    Serve as a focal point for District Support Workers Program to distribute materials in other districts.

The Women's Resource Center serves as a safe and welcoming place for women to develop their personal, technical and leadership skills in order to strengthen their voice in the development of Timor-Leste.

Computer and library services

In 2008 the center had 60-80 users per week, and approximately 2500 users accessed the public computer and the library.  Seventy-five percent of all users are female university and school students, local women, women who had been internally displaced due to the conflict in 2006, female police officers and women from other districts. The computer courses were provided to members of the IDP women’s committees and to young women who dropped out fYoung people gathered in circlerom schools.

Information dissemination and public education

As part of its public education service, the center provided trainings on human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual assault to approximately 200 women and 50 men. In addition, six sessions of Life Skills Training were provided to 117 young women and 33 young men in order to strengthen their education participation and performance, improve knowledge of their bodies and their rights as they move into the adulthood, and encourage them to participate in the community.

Networks and referrals

The Women’s Resource Centre is collaborating with other NGOs such as BELUN to develop a National Database of NGOs and community-based organizations in order to create a central place for information about donor organizations and other resources. The centre also provides referral services and basic information to women seeking assistance.

For more information, please contact Alzira dos Reis, Advocacy Program Manager, at +670-332-3855