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Welcome Message from ALZIRA Reis, CEO Fundasaun Alola


CEO Alola - Alzira Reis

After working as CEO almost for four years, I undertook a self-reflection on what I have contributed to this organization's mission as the CEO. I acknowledge and recognize the strong work within our team as we hold our hands together to uphold our organization's mission through each person exercising their role with responsibility and commitment.

This year we marked a step ahead through recognition from the Ministry of Health of Alola's mission in realizing the Mother Support Group (MSG) initiative. The guidelines of the Mother Support Group model were standardized and then nationalized, the MSG model having been initiated and developed by Fundasaun Alola over the last 10 years. At the same time, we graduated 10 Mother Support Groups in Liquiça and Manatuto municipalities, following on by introducing an integrated approach including economic empowerment, small scale agriculture and educational training in relevant nutritional matters.

In the area of advocacy for women's rights during 2016, the Fundasaun Alola, as coordinator of the Combating Human Trafficking Working Group, conducted advocacy through the submission of a statement on the draft law of human trafficking and holding several meetings with the Ministry of Justice, Parliament and President to consider these submissions. The Human Trafficking Law was subsequently promulgated by the President of the Republic Timor-Leste in January 2017. Apart from this, the Fundasaun Alola has greatly contributed to increasing the number of women in village councils. From the 55 candidates that were supported and mentored by Alola, 21% were elected as heads of villages.

I am pleased to report that our support to the education area to improve the quality of and access to education through scholarships, our mobile library and teacher training continues to show a positive impact in the teachers, children and young women students who were our targets. To exercise the mission of the organization to strengthen pre-school education and with support from the Government of New Zealand through UNICEF, the Fundasaun Alola has established an effective Community Alternative Pre-school Program with 64 in Ermera and 59 in Viqueque municipalities in partnership with Kolega Da Paz (KDP) and Institutu Matadalan Integradu (IMI). From the children referred from the alternative pre-schools, 48% in Viqueque and 52% in Ermera have continued their study to primary school.

To strengthen women's economy and preserve the culture of Timor-Leste, we worked closely with weaving producer groups to support their futures together in the area of handicraft development, supporting access to markets and twice through annual fairs. On the other hand, with support from the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS), we provided training on gender based violence and micro credit for four women's groups in Aileu (Aiserimou), Ainaro, Manufahi villa (Fatuberliu-Claco) and Lautem (Fuiluro) with 98members.

An interesting opportunity for me came about through members of civil society having confidence in me to coordinate the Organizing Committee for the ASEAN People Forum (ACSC/APF) which took place in Dili in August 2016. The forum strengthened the partnership between civil society organizations in the Asian region and continues to gain solidarity for advocacy about maritime boundaries and the membership of Timor-Leste in ASEAN.

The existence of the Fundasaun Alola for 16 years has contributed effectively to the well-being of women and children in Timor-Leste. Our age is the same as a young girls and we are indebted to the various support we receive from our donors, partners and the entire Board - my gratitude for this.

Humbly, I would like to present the 2016 annual report to donors, partners, Board, Managers, all employees of the Fundasaun Alola and the Alola Foundation's friends in South Korea, Australia and Norway who have supported us directly and indirectly during the period.

Thanks for your support and friendship.

Alzira Reis
CEO of Fundasaun Alola


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