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Hopefully this message finds you happy and healthy. I am writing with exciting news- Alola Foundation is one of the selected partners in a prestigious funding campaign in the UK called Fund the Front Line.

Here at the Alola Foundation, we have had an eventful year impacting the lives of Women and Children in Timor-Leste about 20,000 people during 2 years, we were well on our way to establishing 120 community group called Mother Support group in the region since 2013 until now. Today, Mother Support group are established, and we are so happy at how excited our community assist each other to reduce the Maternal and infant Mortality in country.

Asked what she learned as a member support Group and what she like group to be, she responded, "Before I get training from Alola's Maternal and Child Health program staff, I'm as traditional skill birth /traditional midwife and I practice what I have as a natural skilled to attend mothers which give birth . After I got trained by Alola I realized that I should be as a guide for mothers to deliver heath facilities and I practice to encourage them to give exclusive breastfeeding to their babies during 6 months. So far I facilitate pregnant women to access to health facilities and I really thankfully for Alola because their work and my work are benefited by women and children in my districts" said Elisa Bose.

Supporting women and children to have better assistance and enjoy their rights are our and yours. Your help will supply pregnant women to access to health facilities and strengthening the exist mother support group to be more strong in assisting women and children.

During October 2013, Alola Foundation has been selected to receive up to £5,000 in matched funding through UK campaign called Fund the Frontline. This means we will receive a pound-for-pound match on every donation we receive during the month. You need to donate here to ensure we extra this extra support:    or

We only have a limited time to receive these extra funds so please support with what you can today.
Supporting now means your £10 donation magically turns into £20, which is just about enough to purchase one book for our library. If you have thought about or have supported us before now is a great time to help us double the impact.

Your help can we turn our vision of ‘Strong Women - Strong Nation' into a reality

Thanks for your support!

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