Support for the Alola Project

For women around the world, giving birth to a new baby should be a time of joy and hope. However, the fact that women and their newborn babies in East Timor are seriously deprived. Many cases of births still take place at home and most women have no clothes for their babies, often no underwear for themselves and no personal sanitary supplies. Additionally the country has one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.

Alola Foundation as woman organization has been working to raising money to purchase maternity kits to provide immediate assistance to the mothers and their new born infants. A Maternity Pack, provides a woman who gives birth in either Dili or Baucau hospital with 2 cotton sarongs, 6
pairs of underpants, washable sanitary napkins, 1 baby outfit, a towel, 6 cotton nappies and baby soap, plus literature promoting good health for women and their communities in Timor-Leste.