Economic Empowerment

Alola's Economic Empowerment Program recognises the imperative of providing women with opportunities to participate in economic life as critical to promoting equal access to resources, decision-making and political participation. Beyond the right of women to equal enjoyment of economic benefits, is the belief that women are most likely to reinvest money into education and health that benefits whole families.

Alola's Economic Empowerment Program has a demonstrated record of programs that promote the capacity of East Timorese women to increase their nutrition and food security as well as how to generate income and manage their finances independently, in line with the understanding that benefits to women result in improved health and educational outcomes for whole communities.

Alola Foundation through Economic Empowerment (Eco Emp) Program was working with vulnerable women to develop economic opportunities by identifying groups of women who are interested in setting up cooperatives to enhance their economic opportunities. Alola supports these groups through skills development, micro-credit schemes, and providing practical support to earn an income to sustain the members' livelihoods.

In 2014 the economic empowerment program focused on two areas being handicraft development and livelihood including micro credit and agriculture. The program also contributed to the support of cooperatives.

During 2014, more than 54-handicraft group particularly women in 13 districts involving in Handicraft Development Project. the project objective is to raise local and international awareness of valuable Timorese handicrafts as well to increase income generation for producer groups and achieve livelihood sustainability.  The Alola Foundation continues to provide capacity building for new producer groups in order to increase their knowledge of business management, increase product quality, provide training on natural dyes and invite producer groups to participate in the National fair and annual Easter and Christmas fairs that the Alola Foundation organizes. This project is a way to promote economic independence for women.