Micro-Credit Schemes

The project is implemented and managed by Economic Empowerment Program at Fundasaun Alola, and is supported by the Advocacy team peogram who provide expertise in the areas of gender, human rights and human trafficking. This project works with vulnerable women including victims of gender based violence in order to increase their access to income generation opportunities and promote women's economic independence.

In 2014, the project was implemented in Bobonaro district (Atabae), Baucau (Seiçal), Dili and Ermera (Lauala). Alola field officers (FO) and Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) representatives in district and local authorities chose these districts due to the very high social risk that women have limited access for economy opportunity as well as high risks of gender based violence and human trafficking.

Working together to understand community needs, Alola's staff and FOs have identified that most women face economic problems due to limited financial resources and lack of knowledge of financial management. In response to this problem Alola provided training on simple bookkeeping and delivered incentive funds of USD$1,000 to each group for a saving and loans program in the village. Through this initiative women now have access to loans for running their business either as an individual or in a group. This project also provided training on gender based violence; human trafficking and finance management to a total of 111 women across four groups in each of four districts. This project applied a cross-sector approach by integration with the Advocacy program including gender, human rights and human trafficking to increase their awareness of target groups. MSS-DNRS supported this project.


In the same year, Alola expanded the micro credit component to other villages in the Bobonaro sub district. The program's objective is to support vulnerable women in Atuaben village by giving them access to loans for running their livelihood activities. Alola provided business management training to one group consisting of 15 women from Atuaben village to increase their capacity and knowledge to manage their own funds. Alola also delivered incentive funds of USD $500. Mr. Justinho S. Barreto as chief of village of Atuaben participated in this project and the incentive fund itself was supported by the Thailand Embassy with the objective of opening opportunity for vulnerable women to participate in the economic development process in Timor-Leste. These funds also facilitated group access to loans for running livelihood or business activities in their villa