Supporters 2012 Supporters Alola 2009-2012:

Alola Australia, Andrew McNaughton, APWLD, AusAID, Australian Capital Territory Government (ACT), Australian Foundation for People of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP), BELUN, ConocoPhillips, Friends of Ainaro, GIZ, Irish Aid through, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), JRF Fund MDG Achievement Fund through IOM, MAMA-Australia, MILK Foundation, Ministry of Health - RDTL, Ministry Social Solidarity - RDTL (MSS), Nelson Bay Rotary, Plan Timor-Leste, Rotary Club in Dili Rotary Club of Melbourne, The Asia Foundation (funded by USAID), Timor-Telecom, UNFPA via SEPI, Save the Children, UNICEF, UN Women, Woodside.

Supporters 2013 :

AFAD-Australian Foundation for People of Asia and the Pacific, Alola Australia, AUSAID, Society Fund-Goverment RDTL (FSS), Conoco Philip, Gift Certificate, GIZ, IWRAW-AP, ILO, MILK Foundation, Ministry Social Solidarity - RDTL (MSS), GIZ, Thai Embassy Timor-Leste, SEPFOPE-RDTL, Society Fund-Government RDTL (FSS), Star Foundation, The Asia Foundation, the Interpid Foundation.