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(ALOLA media) During 4 days (October, 3-6 2017), the Alola Foundation as an institution of Social Solidarity (ICS) working in partnership with the The Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS), through the National Directorate of Social Development (DNDS), and Municipal Administration of Liquica to achieve a training entitled "Rural Women's Economic Empowerment and Awareness about the Impact of domestic and gender-based violence". The training itself officially open by the Liquica Municipality Administrator, Mr. Dr. Domingos da Conceiceao do Santos, implemented with the aim to empower women vulnerable how can increase their consciousness to prevent domestic violence and violence based on gender including how can strengthen their economy through various economy activities.

"This Training as part of ours contribution to reintegration of women's vulnerable to their families, how to strengthen them in economy and then how to socialize information about gender-based violence and violence domestic violence prevention to vulnerable groups", said Executive Director of the Alola Foundation, Alzira Reis during the opening session.

Meanwhile, directors DNDS-MOSS, Dr. Florencio Dias Gonzaga, in his opening speech, say that the program is now held as a step to respond to the problems of social reintegration, an important issue in our society.

"This program is implemented in relation to our dreams for the problem re- social reintegration, how all men and women can be restored in the family without conflict and take care of their children," said the Director DNDS-MSS at SAIM Liquica.DNDS-MSS, Dr. Florencio Dias Gonzaga

According to data from the Asia Foundation's research show that around 86% women with experience of violence did not have the courage to express their complaints, from these percentage, the number of 32% share their experiences on families and almost 3% were reported to the police, 2% to the local authorities and less than 1% reported the case to the organization of social service providers. In addition, the Alola's CEO said that strengthen awareness about domestic violence and gender-based violence impacts as a way to provide awareness for them to be more courageous again. She also reinforced the economic factors is an important pillar to eliminate such violence.

"I think the needs of the family demand measures to force in the economy especially how women could contribute to this. This training will help to address issues that today I mentioned, at the end of this training, they will get small grant provided by MSS through the Alola Foundation to starting a small businesses like wholesale, Agriculture and the credit", said the Director of Alzira Reis.

The opening ceremonies were concentrated at the Secretariat Support of Liquica Municipality' (SAIM) was not only participate by women targeted by this activity, but also the participate by National Director of DNDS, Regional Director of MSS-Liquica Sub- Municipality Administrators of Liquica, Maubara and Bazartete, representatives of the Liquica Women's Association, members of the Gender Working Group of Liquica, Alola Economic Program team including national media. Good appraisal expressed by Dr. Domingos da Concenção as a Municipal Administrator of Liquica during the opening ceremony.

"This Training motivate women to pursue innovative ideas and creative in order to provide adequate results for daily life in the family and society", Administrator of Liquica said.

He also noted that Timor-Leste need men and women's active participation in order to strengthen the country's development process, and hope that through this training, women who participate can provide good results for family revenues through various economic activities.

CEO Alola, Alzira Reis also expressed her gratitude to collaboration collaboration over a long period between the Alola Foundation with MSS through DNDS and other partners as administrator of municipal and sun-municipal, NGOS, including women, including more than 800 women beneficiaries of the project.ALOLA-MSS ORGANIZES A TRAINING2

"Alola and MSS alone cannot do anything but with the contribution of all, we can build a stronger family, women will be stronger and strong nation because from a strong woman will create a strong generation to build this country" said Alzira Reis before closing her message.

In 2017, the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) provided budget amount of $1.4 for 28 Institutions of social solidarity (ICS) 28 incluiding Alola Foundation in order to strengthen further work on prevention, the provision of social services, re-integration of victims to family and community, promotion and protection of children at risk, assistance for victims and survivors of socioeconomic support.

Alola with ACBIT and Pradet as three NGOS which have the confidence of the MSS to 2017 fiscal year. Through this trust, Alola will expand further economic strengthening program to economic empowerment of women survivors and vulnerable in rural areas and increasing resources for Women" especially on Municipal 5 as Liquica, Manatuto, Baucau, Viqueque and Special Region of Oe-cusse.

"This project is an ongoing project of 2016 years to training for vulnerable groups of women, including poor women, women with disabilities and victims of gender-based violence in 5 Municipals of Timor-Leste, including Liquica, Manatuto, Baucau, Viqueque and Special Regional of Oecusse. Beneficiaries directly will cover around 125 women and about 875 women will become beneficiaries indirectly of this project ", explained the Alola Foundation Executive Directors Ms. Alzira Reis.

The project will empower women survivors in the areas of economics or livelihoods can increase family income through training as business management, to pass through examination, sharing stakeholders on issues of gender-based violence, Human rights and human trafficking to women's groups.

"These Activities can open vision of women's vulnerable groups to changes their behavior and improving the economic life to sustain the family, particularly schooling access for children, improved health condition, and improve communities healthy living. This training as a way to prevent domestic violence and reducing reliance on the economy for women, brought them out to be a leader of the family," said José Ximenes, the Manager of Alola's Women's Economic Empowerment Program.

More than 8 years (2010-2017), Alola become MSS partners to strengthen women survivors groups in 13 Municipalities with micro credit activities. With a total of 49 groups from this project and this program is vital to the community, particularly for vulnerable women to increase their income.


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